Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Yard-Sale

Wow, we really have a super group of items this week! It is our February Yard-Sale, so all of the merchants have brought their items to one place! With so much going on for the start of the year, some merchants did not realize it was yard-sale week when making their submissions, so you may find even more bargains than the ones pictured!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 25

We are so happy to bring you our great list of merchants this week. =)

If you get to a store and they do not have their item ready, check back later, sl does not always cooperate!

For information about being a Secret Wednesday merchant, if you have questions about Secret Wednesday, or if you would like to join our Secret Wednesday group, please contact Debbie Warcliffe.

Happy Shopping!
-Secret Wednesday Team =)

Closer to the Heart
Sapphire Hotaling

Ema's Secret
Emanuelle Bury

Fashion 4 Flirts
Poppylucy Fairey

Glamour Style
Christy Hamer

Chalice Piers

Isis Boutique

Jazmyn D
Jazmyn Diesel

Lushish Catz
Kayshla Aristocrat

Pure Class
Poppylucy Fairey

Carrie Snowpaw

Two Sisters Treasures
Arabella Bellios
GeorgiaStar Chau

X Latex
xKISSx Hazelnut