Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Secret Wednesday is happy to bring you great items for only $49L all day Wednesday!

Slurs for in-world locations, as well as available marketplace links are listed below.

To join our group or get a merchant application, contact Debbie Warcliffe.

Happy shopping!
-Secret Wednesday team =)


X Latex
XKISSX Hazelnut

Vextra Fashion
Vextra Messing

Two Sisters Treasures
GeorgiaStar Chau & Arabella Bellios

Carrie Snowpaw

Pure Class
Poppylucy Fairey

Piddler's Perch
Rowan Attis

Park Place Home Decor
DeAnn Dufaux

Mary's Threads
Tattoodiva Jules

Lushish Catz
Kayshla Aristocrat

Coleen Macarthur

Chalice Piers

Fashion 4 Flirts
Poppylucy Fairey

Ema's Secret
Emanuelle Bury

Kat Alderson

Closer to the Heart
Sapphire Hotaling

Dima Plessis

Blanche's Boutique
Yeiza Bellic

Baglady Design
Tatoodiva Jules

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