Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Secret Wednesday March 14

It's a great time to do a little spring shopping. Secret Wednesday has a wonderful list of $49L items this week!

If you would like to join the Secret Wednesday group or become a Secret Wednesday merchant, contact Debbie Warcliffe.

Happy shopping!
-Secret Wednesday Team =)

♣ BagLady Design
Tattoodiva Jules

♣ Cazimi
Dima Plessis

♣ Closer to the Heart
Sapphire Hotaling

♣ Clutter
Kat Alderson

♣ Crackberry
Jemima Clowes

♣ Elemental Earth Designs
Sirena Penucca

♣ Ema's Secret
Emanuelle Bury

♣ Fashion 4 Flirts
Poppylucy Fairey

♣ Graffitiwear
Chalice Piers

♣ Isis Boutique
Tinka Bondar

♣ Jazmyn D
Jazmyn Diesel

♣ Loordes of London
Coleen Macarthur

♣ Lushish Catz
Kayshla Aristocrat

♣ Park Place Home Decor
DeAnn Dufaux

♣ Piddler's Perch
Rowan Attis

♣ Pure Class
Poppylucy Fairey

♣ reliquia
Luna Tiros

♣ Snowpaws
Carrie Snowpaw

♣ Spyralle
Kerryth Tarantal

♣ The Clothes Line
Clothesline Resident

♣ Two Sisters Treasures
GeorgiaStar Chau & Arabella Bellios

Vextra Messing

♣ X Latex
XKISSX Hazelnut

♣ Zoe's Garden
Adele Rhiadra

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