Tuesday, February 12, 2013

•♥•Happy Wednesday!•♥•

Secret Wednesday has another great week of $49L items and just in time for Valentine's Day!

For more information about Secret Wednesday, please contact Debbie Warcliffe.

•♥•Happy Valentine's Day!•♥•
•♥•Chocolate Arrowmint•♥•

•♥•XKISSX Hazelnut•♥•

Wild Serenity   
•♥•GeorgiaStar Chau & Arabella Bellios•♥•

•♥•Princess Verwood•♥•
•♥•Dianelou Boucher•♥•

•♥•Pepper Ducatillon•♥•

•♥•Sabrina Hoyer•♥•

Sin Original    
•♥•Sinfullysaucy Spiritor•♥•

Pure Class   
•♥•Jewelia Blessed•♥•

•♥•Pamela Moonkill•♥•

•♥•LoveCat Thei•♥•

Loordes of London   
•♥•Coleen Macarthur•♥•


Koko's Closet   
•♥•DD Jameson•♥•

HollyHOOD Creations 
•♥•Teekie Resident•♥•

Hardbeat Fashion   
•♥•Letitia Saenz•♥•

•♥•Chalice Piers•♥•

Fashion 4 Flirts   
•♥•Poppylucy Fairey•♥•

•♥•Nadine Carnell•♥•

•♥•Sapphire Hotaling•♥•

Cerri's Booty     
•♥•Cerridwen Lynagh•♥•

•♥•Dima Plessis•♥•

•♥•Camilla Chatterbox•♥•

•♥•Tourner Seetan•♥•

•♥•Lyric Derryth•♥•

Black Haus White Market    
•♥•Jewelia Blessed•♥•

BaUbLeS! by Phe   
•♥•Phedre Rexie•♥•

Ayla's Garden   
•♥•Ayla Guisse•♥•

1 Hundred.   
•♥•Sira Savira•♥•


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