Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello, Secret Wednesday shoppers!

It is time again for our Secret Wednesday May Yard-Sale! Our merchants have brought their items to our Secret Wednesday Headquarters for your shopping convenience.

 Please remember that while each will have a $49L item, they are allowed to feature items at a higher price as well. They work so hard each week providing great items for us at such low prices, we are happy to let them show some off their awesomeness at a higher price.

For more information, please contact Debbie Warcliffe.

Happy shopping!


Cerri's Booty     Cerridwen Lynagh


ELEGANT ENVIRONS     Nadine Carnell

StoraxTree     Kate McLaglen

Closer to the Heart Creations     Sapphire Hotaling

BaUbLeS! by Phe     Phedre Rexie

[[[[NOISE]]]]     Lyric Derryth

Fashion 4 Flirts     Poppylucy Fairey

The Lingerie Shop     Pure Rain

HollyHOOD Creations    Teekie

Pure Class     Poppylucy Fairey

Piece of mind Designs     Jewelia Blessed

Creations Kitchen     Sun Michalski

Cazimi     Dima Plessis

blah.BLAH.blah     Lyric Derryth

X Latex     XKISSX Hazelnut

Ayla's Garden     Ayla Guisse

Zarconia     Chocolate Arrowmint

Sugar & Cyanide     Jaysee Netizen

LoveCats     LoveCat Thei

Loordes of London     Coleen Macarthur

Two Sisters Treasures Furniture     GeorgiaStar Chau

Koko     DD Jameson

Two Sisters Treasures     Arabella Bellios

Koko's Closet     Kokoscloset

[DeJaaVu]      DeJaa Trallis

Hardbeat Fashion     Letitia Saenz

Dreamland Designs     Venora Magic

Graffitiwear     Chalice Piers

Black Haus White Market     Jewelia Blessed

The South 40     Dianelou Boucher

Spyralle     Kerryth Tarantal

Glam Dreams      Sandytpr Lysette

Wild Serenity     Teradawn Serenity

SLACY'S     Sabrina Hoyer

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