Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Yard-Sale!

Hello, Secret Wednesday shoppers!

This week's Secret Wednesday is our August Yard-Sale! All items this week are conveniently located in one location, the Secret Wednesday Headquarters.

Each merchant has at least one $49L item, but they are allowed to rez others at higher prices. We do this to thank them for providing great items at such a low price for the rest of the month.

For more information about Secret Wednesday, please contact Debbie Warcliffe.

Happy shopping!
(click here to teleport to Secret Wednesday!)

Snowpaws          Carrie Snowpaw

Black Pearl       Pierce Ackmann

Chillin' Designs      Chili Lykin

Graffitiwear         Chalice Piers

Koko's Closet       Kokoscloset Resident

Koko        DD Jameson

Loordes of London      Coleen Macarthur

Songs~n~Roses       Pepper Ducatillon

Sugar & Cyanide      Jaysee Netizen

X Latex     XKISSX Hazelnut

Ayla's Garden         Ayla Guisse

Fashion 4 Flirts      Poppylucy Fairey

Hardbeat Fashion     Letitia Saenz

HollyHOOD     Teekie Resident

Piece of Mind Designs      Jewelia Blessed

Pure Class     Poppylucy Fairey

The Lingerie Shop     Pure Rain

Opal     Moonsoul Resident

Black Haus White Market      Jewelia Blessed

StoraxTree     Kate McLaglen

Closer to the Heart Creations     Sapphire Hotaling


BaUbLeS! by Phe    Phedre Rexie

Azale      Azalestore Resident

ELEGANT ENVIRONS     Nadine Carnell


SLACY'S     Sabrina Hoyer

Wild Serenity     Teradawn Serenity

LoveCats     LoveCat Thei

[LG] K Collection       Kim Lysette

LIV-Glam     SamanthaSJones

Cerri's Booty     Cerridwen Lynagh

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