Tuesday, August 2, 2016

-SECRET WEDNESDAY- August Yard-Sale!

This week is our Secret Wednesday June Yard-Sale You can find the items in one location!

If you have any questions about a specific item, please send a notecard to that store owner. 
Secret Wednesday is not currently accepting new merchants.

Happy shopping!

♛ StoraxTree 


♛ Stone's Works 


♛ Precious Designs 

♛ Ayla@Coeur 

♛ Shae's Designs 

♛ YM Shop 

♛ K & A Design 

K & A Design 

♛ Mistique 

♛ Cazimi

♛ Graffitiwear  

♛ Santino Design  

RaDeX Design 

♛ EED Home & Garden  

♛ Suga Baby  

♛ Suga Baby for Men  

♛ Sin Original  


♛ Rowena's Designs   

♛ Sweet Tea Couture  

♛ Cerri's Booty ♛ 

Firefly ♛ 



RaDeX Design 

Sentinus Design 

Aura Design 

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